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  • 22 May 2019 by Tricia Ginis

    Making Membership More Affordable

    It’s hard to believe that ECE-RJ is entering its 20th year of providing valuable resources to directors, teachers, and stakeholders of early education programs with a connection to a Jewish organization.

    ECE-RJ is excited to begin this milestone membership year 2019-2020 with some exciting news.  

    Starting this year, Assistant Directors can join for only $120 and a school’s entire teaching staff for only $180 when the school’s Director is a member.  

    Why are we making it so affordable?

    ECE-RJ—as a community of dedicated, supportive and passionate professionals who understand the unique challenges and rewards of working in Jewish early childhood education—is only as strong as its members. The more members, the better the organization.

    We want to make it as easy as possible to join and receive the many resources available to members. We want your assistant directors and teachers to have access to:

    • Unite, our newsletter that provides practical information for use with congregations, schools, and classrooms
    • A database of pertinent information and ideas
    • A vibrant email Listserv (discussion group)
    • Monthly Meet-Ups (conference calls) to discuss specific topics
    • Private teacher Facebook page
    • National conferences and Kallot

     ECE-RJ is committed to building vibrant, contemporary and inclusive Jewish early childhood educational communities. We support and promote the professional growth of our colleagues.

    Join us in the conversation, elevating the field of early childhood education and learning opportunities!

    Learn more about the benefits of membership

    20th Anniversary Member Rates

  • 22 May 2019 by Lori Kowit

    Dear Friends,

    As many of us are winding down the school year, it is important for us to remember that the children and their families may be feeling a little unsettled about what’s to come, including transitioning to the next age group/classroom, saying good-bye to teachers and friends, or going off to Kindergarten. These unknowns are stressful for everyone. As the saying goes, “It take a village to raise a child,” and we have all been a part of that village. 

    Many of our Early Childhood Centers weave mitzvot into our curricula. However, with the stresses of 21st-century family life, it is easy to lose sight of the long-term goals we hold for our children that transcend the challenges of the moment.  Keeping the important goals in mind, like striving to “Grow Menschlich [mensch-like] Children” (or good people), require intentional action and resources.

    There are many tools that are available to today’s families to keep the parenting “big picture” in mind. Below is a list of a few.

    This series of conversation and resource guides are easy to pick up and follow on their own. This is a great resource to share with families.

    This link will take you to the URJ’s “Parenting” page that holds many wonderful resources/articles that can be shared with families.

    The article highlights strategies that early childhood educators can share with families in an effort to prevent challenging behavior during transitions both inside and outside the home.

    A list of apps for both parents and children, and one that can be used together.

    Let’s keep this conversation going by sharing resources on our listservs and Facebook pages.