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January Everyone Who Feels Blindsided, It's Time To Wake Up Before It's Too Late • A Story About Values, About Israel, and Israeli Early Childhood Centers During the War • Yom Chadash D'Var Torah • Did You Attend Yom Chadash 2024? • 2024 Yom Chadash Virtual Ad Journal • Upcoming Events • Yom Chadash Sponsors • Yom Chadash 2025 SAVE THE DATE 
November The Measureless Challenge Of Teaching In Dark Times • My Journey to the March ~ Reflections on D.C. From an Early Childhood Professional and Member of ECE-RJ • Yom Chadash – The New Gathering Registration Ending Soon! • Helpful Yom Chadash Links • Upcoming Events • Invest In The Gift Of ECE-RJ Membership
October I Am Not Ok • Enriching Connections between School, Home, & Jewish Values • Yom Chadash – The New Gathering Registration Now OPEN! •  Details to Help Plan Your Travel • Helpful Yom Chadash Links • Upcoming Events • I found my people at the ECE-RJ Conference in 2015
September Can You Bring The Green Jello? • Hachnasat Orchim: Welcoming Guests • Pop-up Conferences Provide Unplanned Access to Professional Development • Yom Chadash – The New Gathering Registration Now OPEN! • Request for Proposals • Details to Help Plan Your Travel • Helpful Yom Chadash Links • The Orchard Learning Grants • Upcoming Events • New Year = New ECE-RJ Opportunities
July/August Getting Your Mind and Soul Ready for the New School Year • Tikkun Olam, Mitzvot, and Tzedakah as the Inspirations  to Design Early Childhood Play Ecosystems •  Exciting New Opportunity for New(ish) and Experienced Directors! • New Director Co-Hort #2 starts this fall! • Survey-What are you looking for in terms of Professional Development this year? • Dues Should Not Be a Barrier to Membership • Upcoming Events
June 3-Part Professional Development Summer Series •  The Best of...Summer Reading • Yom Chadash - The New Gathering • New Directors' Institute • Upcoming Events • URJ Pulse+ Survey • Membership in ECE-RJ: Unlocking Valuable Resources
May The Best of Professional Development • Jewish in the Summer • Save The Date: Yom Chadash - The New Gathering • ECE-RJ Annual Celebration • We want to celebrate YOU!!! • Upcoming Events • Renew your ECE-RJ Membership for a chance to win!
April What’s Jewish about Pre-K Graduation • ECE-RJ Annual Celebration • ECE-RJ Annual Award Nominations are OPEN! • 2023-2024 ECE-RJ Board  • We want to celebrate YOU!!! •Upcoming Events • Renew your ECE-RJ Membership for a chance to win!
March Even YOU can be an Advocate (and you should!) • Ani Kemach Ani Torah, Providing for Our Educators • ECE-RJ Annual Meeting • ECE-RJ Annual Award Nominations are OPEN! • We want to celebrate YOU!!! • Let's catch up over coffee! • Upcoming Events
February PURIM— Send in the clowns • Honoring the Whole Child: What’s Jewish About Secular Holidays? • ECE-RJ Membership Rates for July 2023 - June 2024 • Upcoming Events
January  ‘In God’s Image’: The Basis for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion • It’s All About Trees! Resources for Tu B’Shevat • ECE-RJ Membership is Essential for You and Your Staff • Calendar of Events
December Everyone Old is New Again • A Conference Junkie’s Guide to the 2022 ECE-RJ Annual Conference • Opportunities abound! • A $3,250 Gift for Your B’nei Mitzvah Teens • UPCOMING EVENTS • A Special Shout-Out to First Time Attendees!
November Being Like the Shamash: A Focus in Social-Emotional Learning, Jewish Values and Inspiring Others this Hanukkah • To Gather: Together: With Intention • Lead To: A reflection of Gratitude to ECE-RJ • 2022 Conference Recap • UPCOMING EVENTS • Friends Don't Let Friends Miss Out On ECE-RJ
October If You Give A Four-Year-Old A Hammer: Teaching Collaboration in Early Childhood • The 2022 ECE-RJ Conference • Thank You To Our Sponsors • Upcoming Events • What are you thinking about as we move forward past the High Holy Days and into the new year?  
September Sustaining Our Practice, Sustaining Ourselves - Individual Coaching for Educational Leaders • Building the Happiness Norm • Why is it Important for Teachers to Take Part in Quality Professional Learning Conferences? • Register Now For The 2022 ECE-RJ Conference • Thank You To Our Sponsors • Upcoming Events • From Surviving to Thriving: How ECE-RJ Membership Can Support You!
July/August Loose Parts in the Early Childhood Classroom • The Mitzvah of Hospitality • Complete National Jewish ECE Compensation Study • Register Now For The 2022 ECE-RJ Conference • Thank You To Our Sponsors • Upcoming Events • Dues Should Not Be a Barrier to Membership
June An Unprecedented Two Years • Examples of Scaffolding in the Early Childhood Classroom • Women of Reform Judaism Awards ECE-RJ a YES Grant • National Early Childhood Compensation and Benefits Survey – COMING SOON! • REGISTRATION IS OPEN: ECE-RJ 2022 Conference • Thank You To Our Sponsors • Upcoming Events • Your Membership Expires at the End of June
May Dreaming of Summer and Life Beyond the Early Childhood Center • How to Unwind and Re-charge Your Batteries for Next Fall • ECE-RJ Annual Plenary • Registration for the 2022 ECE-RJ Conference • Membership renewal Reminder • Upcoming Events
April Tribute to Fern Katz, Outgoing President • Congregations Need to Be The Agent Of Change • Gardening with Young Children • ECE-RJ Annual Plenary • New Fellowship Places ECE Director On Camp Faculty • Registration begins early May for the 2022 ECE-RJ Conference • Miriam Beloglovsky Announced as Scholar In Residence for 2022 Conference • Early Childhood Education is a Profession Worthy of Investment • Upcoming Events
March I Have Missed Relationships the Most • Beyond the Stereotype – Stories that Empower • Succession Planning Helps Avoid Scramble To Find New ECE Leader • Child-led Curriculum Leads To Havdalah Candles • ECE-RJ Annual Award Nominations are OPEN! • We want to celebrate YOU!!! Are you Celebrating a milestone this year? • 2022 Kallah Recordings NOW AVAILABLE! • Save the Date for the 2022 ECE-RJ IN-PERSON Conference November 2-5, 2022, in San Diego, CA • Upcoming Events • Membership Rates for July 2022 - June 2023 • Tales of Glitter and Glue
February The Board Is Working on A New Organizational Mission and Vision • Reflecting on This Year's Kallah • Making Sure My Teachers Were Compensated Fairly • Author Shares Ways To Confront Disability Bias • ECE-RJ Annual Award Nominations are OPEN! • We want to celebrate YOU!!! Are you Celebrating a milestone this year? • 2022 Kallah Recordings NOW AVAILABLE! • Save the Date for the 2022 ECE-RJ IN-PERSON Conference November 2-5, 2022, in San Diego, CA • Upcoming Events • Membership Rates for July 2022 - June 2023 • Tales of Glitter and Glue
January A New Year Brings Hope • Another Successful Kallah is in the Books • Funding Possible To Compensate Us Like Public School Counterparts •  Answering the Question: Why Do Synagogues Need Preschool? • ECE-RJ Kallah Recap • Save the date: 2022 Conference • Upcoming Events • Advocate for ECE-RJ membership • Tales of Glitter and Glue
2021 Click here to search specific topics
December Grateful to Have ECE-RJ Leading Us Into 2022 • The Pandemic Has Changed How Things Are Done • The ECE Teacher Crisis • How We Tackle Equity and Diversity in Our Classrooms • Hiring Help for a New Lay Leader • Learn to Read Hebrew for Adults is now enrolling! •  Why you should attend the ECE-RJ Kallah • Upcoming Events • It's Never Too Early To Start Planning For Your Retirement.
November How A Lack of Qualified Teachers Impacts Families and the Economy
 • Take Action to Help Early Childhood Education, We Need Your Voice • The Loneliness of New Staff Members • Tips to Help Build Attention Span in Students • Getting The Religious School and the ECE Center To Work Together • Tales of glitter and glue • 2022 Kallah • Celebrate Hanukkah with the Reform Movement • Happy Thanksgivukkah!
October Opportunity Available To Overcome ECE Teacher Shortage, Raise Pay   • Unconscious Bias is a Part of the Hiring Process  •  Supporting Each Other Judgement Free • Discovery Through Documentation:  Learning from the Children’s Point of View. •. Discovery Through Documentation:  Learning from the Children’s Point of View  •. Building Connections with Your Early Childhood Program and Temple Family During COVID. •. Help Support ECE-RJ  •. Tales of Glitter and Glue. •. 2022 ECE-RJ Kallah. •. Kallah Sponsorship Opportunities
September Joining ECE-RJ Was One Of The Best Decisions Of My Life • A Place For Members To Go During These Stressful Times •  Children Need Us More Now Than Ever •  The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same • Tales of Glitter and Glue • Save The Date: 2022 ECE-RJ Kallah • Kallah Sponsorship Opportunities
July/August Blown Away By This Year’s Accomplishments • Directors, Assistant Directors and Now Teachers Can Join the Reform Pension Board • Welcoming New Families Begins Long Before School Starts • COVID Keeper: Being Outdoors As Much As Possible • Finding the Right Director During a Job Search • Save The Date: 2022 ECE-RJ Kallah • Kallah Call for Presenters • Kallah Sponsorship Opportunities • Dues Should Not Be A Barrier To Membership
June The Long and Winding Road That Was 2020-2021 • I Wish I Had the Help Now Offered to New Directors • Taking the Inside Outside •  Everything is Doable if We Listen to Each Other • Tales of Glitter and Glue • New Directors' Institute • Virtual Plenary Session • Affinity Groups Launched
May Please Attend the ECE-RJ Virtual Plenary Session • Recording of the Virtual Conference Now Available • End-of-Year Reflection Questions • The Stories We Tell • Pivoting in Partnership • Tales of Glitter and Glue • New Directors' Institute • Upcoming Events • Membership Renewal Begins June 1st
April Post-Passover Reflection on Past Year • Counting the Omer Is Just One Thing We Are Counting This Year • Three Enrollment Recovery Actions You Can Take Right Now • Strengthening Our Relationships Through Mutual Respect  • Facilitating Better Collaboration within the Congregation and the Early Childhood Program • The Power of Discussion
March 2021 conference brings light and warmth • FREE membership if looking for ECE Director • Building leadership capacity • Problems with a co-worker? • An early childhood inventory opportunity • Tales of Glitter and Glue • Register for the 2021 ECE-RJ conference.
February Building Relationship With Families and Between Families • A Peek Inside – Providing Parents a View into Your Classroom • Creating a Culture of Teacher Support and Appreciation 
January New Year, New Opportunities • Reform Pension Board Makes Accessing Information Easy • Introducing JKids Radio • Using Music in the Classroom • A New Way to Gauge Success • Tales of Glitter and Glue
2020 Click here to search for specific topics
December Jewish Engagement for Families with Young Children?; Teaching the Value of Freedom: Herut; Early Childhood Education Center Network Helps Congregations Connect with Young Families
November President-Elect Biden Needs Our Help • Directors Need to Change Leadership Style • ECE Directors to Congregations: We are struggling

Our Congregations Are Starting to Listen to Us • Helping Members Reinvent Mundane Tasks • From Anxiety to Joy • Using the Shutdown to Become a Better Teacher • Laid off? We can help • Tales of Glitter and Glue

September Watch Out 5781 We Can Do Anything ECE-RJ Now Has A Seat ON RPB Board  Areas of Focus for This Year 
August Time For Personal Reflection • ECE-RJ's Work During COVID Crisis • If I Knew Then What I Know Now... • Webinar on Online High Holidays for Your Children and Their Families Is Available • Our Focus For the New Year
July Opening the Preschool during the Covid-19 Pandemic; Adaptive Leadership: A successful shift to virtual camp
June Moving Forward Together, Mindfulness Resources
April/May Membership Renewals, Topics From the Forums 
March Capturing our work in the context of four C's: Content, Connection, Continuity, and Community
February Valentines Day, Supporting Teachers with Struggling Student, Speaking to Parents about Development Concerns
January  Project Excellence for Early Childhood Congregational Education, Biennial
2019 Click here to search specific topics
December Schools as Pillars of Support;  Mindfulness Through the Holidays; Creating a Culture of Support and Appreciation
November Different Kind of Back-To-School Night; Relationships; Through Conferences, Pro. Ed. for ECE Staff
October Help with Using ShulCloud, Wonder In The Early Childhood Classroom; Life Motto Helps Director With Hectic Life
September Welcoming New Families Begins Long Before School Starts; New Jewish Education Materials Now Available
August Children In Migrant Detention Centers; Parents Have Learning Styles; Help with Filling Positions
July  Inclusive School Environment;  Questions New Teachers Should Ask; Membership Off to Great Start
June Gender Pay Gap; Developing a Framework; Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements for Early Childhood Educators
May Membership More Affordable; Reflective Supervision; Discovery Through Documentation
April Project Excellence for Early Childhood Congregational Education; Sabbaticals; Passover Ideas; Dealing with Stress
March Observation vs. Interpretation; Make  Early Childhood Center a Success; Better Parent/Guardian-Teacher Conferences

The 2019 Conference Had It All; Using What Nature Provides as Learning Aids and Tools; Why Temple Lay Leaders Should Partner and Support Their Preschools


Making Social Action Meaningful; Tikkun Olam In Our Classroom

November The December Dilemma; Chanukah Activities for Parents;  Making your Congregation Audaciously Hospitable
October Creating an inclusive school environment; Promote inclusion in the classroom; Ten steps to make your Congregation inclusive
September Learn from Congregations w/out ECEs; Questions new teachers should ask; Connections between ECE programs and Temple
August Start the new year right; Connection and dialogue between ECE staff and other staff; Essential oils
July New name for the newsletter; New scholarship for continuing education; Professional development