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ECE-RJ Elevates Early Childhood Education Jobs Into Careers


Select your membership category below to join us. 


As a teacher, you will receive exclusive access to information, support, and resources to:

  • Strengthen your teaching skills
  • Create engaging and effective curriculum
  • Grow professionally
  • Develop long and lasting relationships
  • Create a vibrant congregation and community



As a director of a school or as a retired director you can participate in valuable financial security programs:

  • 403(b) retirement plan
  • Life insurance
  • Long-term disability insurance
  • Pension (Through the Reform Pension Board)



As an assistant director of a school, you can join a community of others who have similar responsibilities:  

  • Strengthen leadership skills
  • Network
  • Gain knowledge and ideas



As a URJ congregation, you can join for free to help you with your search for a new director ($180 for Non-URJ Congregations):

  • Free job postings for director and assistant director positions
  • Access to placement resources 
  • Consultation services throughout the placement process



As a congregational lay leader, congregational staff member, clergy or early childhood supporter you will find membership valuable in growing and strengthening your early education programs, congregation and/or organization:  

  • Programming ideas for families with young children
  • How to support and work with the early childhood program at your congregation
  • Networking  





Do you have questions about membership, or want to know more before you join? Reach out to our team for help.

Tricia Ginis
Executive Director, ECE-RJ 


It is our policy that financial capacity will not be a barrier to membership. Specific payment arrangements may be granted to members if the dues cause undue strain on the school/congregation/institution. Please contact for more information.


Membership Brochure

ECE-RJ 2021-2022 Dues Structure