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  • 22 Sep 2022 by Lisa Samick

    Today smelled like fall in NYC.   It had that chilly morning, sunny afternoon, back to school kind of feel that indicates that things are about to begin anew; and I feel hopeful.  

    I’ve heard from so many colleagues that this start to school has been hard - parents are less forgiving, the pressure from our institutions to recoup financial losses is increased, it is harder and harder to find qualified, committed teachers.  It’s very easy to feel hopeless.. but I am going to choose positivity, and I invite you - even if only for the reading of this letter - to join me. 

    5783 brings with it new challenges, but also new joys.  We have students entering our buildings this year and showing their entire face for the first time!  We have brought back some community-wide events, some class mixing, some opportunities for “fun-raising” and the air feels a little lighter.

    In our own organization, we are gearing up for our first in-person conference in more than 2 years.  In just a few weeks, more than 200 Early Childhood Educators from across the country will descend on San Diego (look out San Diego!) for a week of reconnecting, reimagining and rebounding.  It’s not too late to join us if you’re not yet registered! 

    “The Orchard” - our partnership with Paradigm Project, JCCA, JFNA and more, has launched its 5783 line up of professional development opportunities geared towards all early childhood educators.  And ECE-RJ still has learning grants available for our members to participate at up to 50% off each of the learning communities being offered.  

    Our National Early Childhood Salary Study is wrapping up its data collection phase and will soon be moving into analysis and reporting.  We believe that this information will be CRITICAL to our continued advocacy on behalf of Jewish Early Childhood Educators across the country

    … and the new year is JUST beginning!  

    ECE-RJ is committed to changing the landscape of Jewish Early Childhood Jewish Education and it is our goal for each and every educator to feel connected, inspired, valued and fairly compensated.  

    At this time of renewal and reflection, we ask that you consider donating to ECE-RJ to help us to reach these goals. 

    Thank you in advance for your generosity and your support.  Your donation to ECE-RJ and to Jewish Early Childhood Education is an investment in our Jewish future.

    L’Shana Tova.  May you have a sweet and a healthy new year.

    Lisa Samick
    President of ECE-RJ

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