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  • 30 Jul 2020 by Fern Katz

    A few months ago, as we began to learn more about COVID-19, and many of us began to shelter in place, it felt to some like the world stopped. When in fact, it kept spinning.

    As educators, professional, and lay leaders—who are committed to early childhood Jewish education—we had to find new ways to connect with our children, their families, and each other. And boy, did we!

    We saw creative and innovative remote classes, drive-bys and Face-Time get-togethers, resources and curricula-in-a-box, and much more. As a professional community, we shared, supported each other, and gave each other a shoulder to lean on. Not surprisingly, ECE-RJ members came through for one another.

    As the world spun into June, the new ECE-RJ Board members met (on Zoom) for the annual summer board meeting. As we began to think about and plan, we focused on how we might support our members in this rapidly changing world. After much discussion, we identified two organizational priorities for the coming year: Adaptive leadership and Nurturing our membership through compassion.

    On behalf of the ECE-RJ Board, I wish you a smooth transition into whatever the next few months brings your way. Be it in-place, remote, or hybrid learning; new rules and regulations; fears and confidence, Your ECE-RJ colleagues are here for you.

    The Director/Assistant Director and Teacher forums on the ECE-RJ website are available 24 hours a day to ask questions and let us know what works for you. If we have learned anything over the past few months, it is that our relationships are deep, no matter the physical distance. By helping each other, we all become stronger.


    Good luck, and wear your mask!

    Fern Katz
     ECE-RJ President