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Why is it Important for Teachers to Take Part in Quality Professional Learning Conferences?

Why is it Important for Teachers to Take Part in Quality Professional Learning Conferences?
25 Aug 2022 by Tamar Andrews

You must have heard by now… about the struggle to find and keep qualified teachers in Jewish Early Childhood Education.  As a director myself, of Temple Isaiah Preschool in Los Angeles, a Reform congregation preschool with over 250 children, you can imagine what it is like to look towards the start of the school year and only have a partial staff.  


Like all people, teachers need support.  This support takes many forms:

  • Physical support in the form of materials for their classrooms AND compensation for their bills and expenses.

  • Emotional support in the form of unconditional positive regard and constructive feedback to inform their practice. 

  • Cognitive support in the form of professional development, communities of practice, and a cohort in which to share ideas. 


At the 2022 ECE-RJ Conference in November, we can help you in all three of those critical areas of teacher retention. In fact, studies have shown conclusively that events such as this one help retain teachers for up to two more years past its conclusion.


How? We have devised a conference that addresses all three needs that teachers have and by attending, teachers will:

  • see the financial support of their institutions who pay for their attendance

  • gain additional mastery of practice in Jewish ECE

  • meet with and collaborate with other teachers from around the country

  • engage with materials and share experiences that they can take back to their classrooms immediately

  • develop stronger Judaic practices

  • return to their classrooms with renewed passion, determination, and a sense of pride and professionalism


Don’t miss this opportunity to really support and show your own appreciation for the work your teachers do.


Follow this link and sign up now for the 2022 ECE-RJ Conference in San Diego, November 2-5!

Questions? Feel free to reach out to Tricia Ginis, Executive Director,