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Where are we now.

Where are we now.
28 Feb 2018 by Laurie Matez

 Today we left from Tel Aviv to go to Kfar Aza, a kibbutz on the border of The Gaza Strip.  One might ask themselves whether or not this is a safe place to be, and I too was curious as I had never thought of being in a place where I might be in danger. We were assured that we were safe, and that our experience would be intriguing. Upon arrival at Kfar Aza, we had the opportunity to meet with the childhood director for the gan on site.  She gave us insight into another childhood education system and style. We were lucky to speak with Ralph Lewinson, the sort of manager of the kibbutz to explain to us why he chose to live in this area and what the kibbutz life has to offer.  Ralph explained the history of where his family was from, and claimed “before I came to Israel I had no soul - I came HOME.” He also explained the manner in which children on this kibbutz...and around Israel are protected and that they do not live in fear.  They are aware of what goes on around them and best equipped to handle the challenges of living so close to the Gaza Strip. One final quote which touched my soul was that “Israel is an island of sanity in a sea of insanity.” Use your imagination to picture what that means for Israel, it’s people, and those around its land.

We took a bus ride to a small area called Moshav, where we had a visit with a lady named Tzameret. She lives close to the Gaza area, and feels the daily stress of living in an area threatened by missiles.  She took her fear and created an art piece called “Path to Peace” wall where she created mosaic stones to be placed on a wall between Israel and Gaza. We participated in this amazing and moving workshop by placing our stones on the wall. We gathered together in front of the wall to sing “oseh shalom” as a group.  This was so powerful being all together with a common idea of peace for our world. Even though we stood not far from Gaza, there was a sense of calm, togetherness, and hope that there could one day be a peace for all.

our final stop for the night was for a dinner in Yerucham.  We were treated to a dinner made by a woman who provides food for the people in her town.  She has a unique back story of her path in life, however, she has surely found her home here cooking for those around her.  She is one of the queens of Yerucham.

off to Mashabey Sade kibbutz for our overnight!