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The Art of Giving - Graffiti Tour with Rami Meiri

The Art of Giving - Graffiti Tour with Rami Meiri
03 Mar 2018 by Stacey Gabriel

I can’t believe that just one week ago I was in Israel for Shabbat.  I sit here now with my mind spinning with all that I have learned, the people I have met,  and the wonderful experiences I have had. Each day brought new experiences that  topped the one before it.  

While in Tel Aviv early on in our  trip,  we met a graffiti artist named Rami Meiri.  He explained to us that his mural paintings are a gift to Tel Aviv, the city that he loves.  Rami wants to create an environment for the people who live in Tel Aviv that is happy, peaceful and kind.   Much of his work is whimsical and carefree.  Rami uses the natural settings and the Israeli culture as inspiration for his art.  He is able to take an ordinary wall, doorway, building and create an optical illusion. When I was listening to his explanation for creating a particular mural or talking about his African project I could see the excitement and joy he gets from sharing his work with the world.  

At the end of our visit Rami had a surprise for us.  We were given paint and brushes and a spot to leave our own mark in Tel Aviv.  I knew immediately what I wanted to paint.  SAAZ in a heart.   I sign all our exitended family cards as SAAZ. The whole time I had been thinking of my family.  The opportunity to go to Israel was a gift and I wanted to share it with my family.  I wished  they were there with me to experience it together.  So, I left my own gift in Tel Aviv for my family.    Stacey, Adam, Alex and Zachary.