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Ode to Ella

Ode to Ella
28 Feb 2018 by Karen Lucy

The ECE-RJ journey to Israel revealed many walls and/or barriers; the cold, protective walls facing Gaza, the holy and inspirational wall in Jerusalem and the earth tone sand walls of Negev.  In contrast of these barriers, the visits to the various preschools created such hope and dreams for the future of Jewish children in Israel and the United States.  As an educator, I choose to view my world through a bright lens encouraging children to develop their strengths for success. Likewise, the Ella tree in Negev displays towering strength of growth in a relatively barren ecosystem. Continue to stand tall, sisters, by guiding children like the Ella tree.  

Ode To Ella

As I rest beneath your expansive arms -
  always welcoming
  always strong.

I imagine you at other times -
  as you mature
  as you grow.

Were others kind to you -
  were they respectful
  were they interested?

At times I feel your crisp, cool breath -
  it tingles my skin
  it makes me smile.

Ella, your earthly beauty -
  is majestic
  is surreal.

Another day, another time -
  I hope to see you bloom!