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Israel It’s Complicated!

Israel It’s Complicated!
07 Mar 2018 by Heidi Baker

It is exactly one week ago that the ECE-RJ Israel Experience ended.  Throughout the eleven days of learning, discussing, questioning, touring, observing, reflecting and listening we learned that Israel is complicated.

Israel is a unique place in the world a center for many religions and a homeland for Jews.  It is a place where diverse groups of people often live separately and struggle with getting to know the other.

It is a place of unbelievably historic sites and new developments and expansion.  A place where Israelis ooze pride in their country and their land.  A place where people choose to live with stress and danger in a beautiful area because it is their home.

It is a place where connections between people are being made with integrated schools, Arab and Jewish teachers meeting together, and a Path to Peace Wall is growing each day.

What was not complicated was exploring and experiencing this amazing place with our ECE-RJ group.  A committed group of educators learning, sharing. singing, praying, laughing   and crying together as we explored this dynamic country through the lens of an Early Childhood Professional.  This was a group of 40 individuals from all over the United States that truly shared thoughts, opinions, ideas, and lots of questions in a meaningful and respectful way.  Genuine bonds have been created and will continue as we all process and share our wonderfully complicated experience with our staff, friends, and family.