Top 5 Reasons Why Every Early Childhood Professional Should Be in San Antonio in January

Top 5 Reasons Why Every Early Childhood Professional Should Be in San Antonio in January

There is a lot of value in sending your early childhood professionals to ECE-RJ’s national conference, which is taking place next month in San Antonio. Here are the top 5 reasons.

At the  ECE-RJ National Conference, your early childhood professionals will:


5. Learn with colleagues who are on the leading edge of early childhood Jewish education which is vital to the continued growth of the early childhood education and engagement efforts at your organization.  Hear from experts on Moving from “Us vs. Them” to “We,” Early Education and Social Justice, and Brain Architecture: Building the Brains of Tomorrow."

4. Connect with other early childhood professionals who speak the same language on the topics that are relevant today and that help us prepare for tomorrow.   Professionals will bring back strategies related to Recognizing and Accommodating the Needs of Every Child, Gender Identity Formation, and Singing Shalom:  Prayer and Peace.

3. Deepen their connections from virtual to personal within our national network of Reform early childhood professionals.  The ECE-RJ conference provides participants with formal and informal opportunities to build invaluable relationships with colleagues across North America.

2. Have a chance to step away from the everyday to take a “deep dive” into visioning for the future.  Big conversations will include Pathways to Navigate Difficult Decisions, New Measures of Success – Relationships, Meaning & Impact, and Sacred Partnerships as a Tool.

1. Explore the theme of Peace in Our Time, and everybody needs a bit more peace in their professional and personal lives.  Attendees will explore ideas around peace in your school, peace in your community, and inner peace.

To learn more about the 2019 ECE-RJ National Conference (January 16-20, 2019 in San Antonio), click here or visit our website at


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