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Meet Up: Reflecting on your Role as a Supervisor & Building Productive Supervisory Relationships with Staff with Elana Paru

28 Jun 2023
3:30pm - 4:30pm EDT

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Reflecting on your Role as a Supervisor & Building Productive Supervisory Relationships with Staff

Supervision is so much more than managing tasks and meeting deadlines. No matter how large or small your team is, supervision is about developing a professional, collaborative relationship in which both the supervisor and the supervisee share responsibility and feel accountable to one another as they both strive to meet the goals of their school/organization.

Please join Elana Paru, professional coach, mentor, and organizational consultant for a conversation about best practices for providing and receiving effective supervision and strategies for establishing and maintaining productive supervisory relationships.

Audience: Directors and Assistant Directors

Elana Paru is a coach and organizational consultant who provides guidance, strategic management, leadership development and support for synagogues, schools, organizations, and professionals to help them achieve their highest level of excellence to meet organizational goals. Elana advises, mentors, and coaches clergy, executives, educators, staff, and lay leaders to maximize their talent and leadership by strengthening organizational culture, streamlining communication, and developing strong relationships and effective management strategies. Professionalism, treating others with compassion, integrity, and respect are core values that characterize Elana’s work. Leading with kindness and transparency are central to her success. To learn more about Elana, visit her website at

*FREE for Members of ECE-RJ

Are you interested in joining the Zoom Meet Up but aren't a member of ECE-RJ? Contact Tricia Ginis, Executive Director, for more information on membership or to reserve your spot for the meet up for $36.

28 Jun 2023
3:30pm - 4:30pm EDT

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