Your donation to one of the ECE-RJ Funds is thoughtful and deeply appreciated. It is a way to honor our dedicated early childhood professionals across the country for the work that they do.

The Rabbi Jan Katzew Scholar Endowment Fund

Indemnify the institution of high-level continuing education for members of ECE-RJ at their annual conference by subsidizing the expense of a renowned scholar-in-residence or keynote speaker.


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The Charles Mansfield Educator Scholarship Fund

Will be awarded to current members who apply for scholarship to attend an ECE-RJ annual conference or kallot.


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The ECE-RJ General Fund

Allows for the expansion of ECE-RJ  and to enable us to provide exceptional programming, special projects and partnerships, social networking platforms and other opportunities that advance the field of Jewish early childhood education.

In addition to making donations to these funds, both tribute cards and note cards are available to honor the early childhood professionals.


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Your contribution supports ECE-RJ and our members. 


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