Nov 2016 Newsletter - Resources


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The Discovering Israel through STEAM Careers Program for Pre-K

The Discovering Israel through STEAM Careers program (also known as DISC) is a supplemental program that introduces young learners to modern-day Israel. With the DISC program, preschoolers will tinker, build, and explore while they learn about Israel. DISC includes 10 modules that focus on a STEAM career in Israel (i.e. an engineer in Tel Aviv or a marine biologist in Eilat).  

The DISC program works great in with a variety of educational settings (i.e., Reggio, Montessori, JCC). Teachers love having a resource to teach about Israel through hands-on, play-based learning!

This program is currently being rolled out in over 7 states across the U.S., impacting over 1,000 Jewish children!

About the Creators:

Allison Bischoff and Jessica Yaira Gordon are passionate educators who are committed to bringing affordable and innovative programs and tools to Jewish preschools. We currently live in St. Louis and are excited to work with schools across the country!

ECE-RJ Member benefit: a reduced rate of $125/preschool classroom! That’s 50% off our usual price!

Please use this LINK  to a demo lesson from the DISC Program and to find out more!

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you!


Allison and Jessica



Remini - Foster Preschool and family communications

Remini enables teachers and directors to document and share photos, messages, videos, newsletters and much more to tell the story of each child at our school. Follow this LINK to find out more information about the app.