ECE-RJ Bylaws

Click HERE for a copy of the ECE-RJ Bylaws updated April 2018.

Ethical Guidelines

ECE-RJ Ethical Guidelines

Building Community

Giving of One’s Heart    

Living Our Torah        


These core values reflect how we (members of ECE-RJ) operate as individuals as well as a community.  Each value represents the work we do and the people we want to be.

Arevut Hadadit (mutual responsibility) – Build Community

  • Is an inclusive organization that supports our members
  • Establishes and maintains relationships of respect
  • Values trust and cooperation
  • Honors confidentiality
  • Shares resources

Chesed (kindness) and Kavanah (mindfulness) – Give of One’s Heart and Soul

  • Engaged in the practice of kindness and mindfulness
  • Creates and maintains relationships

Tohar HaMidot (ethical person) – Live Our Torah

  • Behave ethically by showing respect, being trustworthy, and acting with integrity.
  • Financially responsible.
  • Abides by all laws and regulations designed to protect children and all people.
  • Respects the power granted as educators.

Dugmah Ishit (personal example) – Model

  • Communicates openly and truthfully
  • Collaborative
  • Inspires others
  • Maintains a work-life balance