2019 Conference Virtual Ad Journal

Virtual Ad Journal

Please consider recognizing an early education professional with a message in the 2019 ECE-RJ National Conference Virtual Ad Journal. The Journal slideshow runs as a continues loop and appears during the conference, on the conference mobile app and on the ECE-RJ website.

The Journal provides a wonderful way to honor ECE professionals attending the conference, a milestone of a colleague or staff member, or the sacred work done to help our communities.  

Messages are 20 words or less and can be purchased at one of three levels:


Gold $360

  • The message appears three times during a cycle of the slideshow loop
  • Includes a graphic and photo
  • Slide designated as a gold level message

Silver $180 

  • The message appears two times during a cycle of the slideshow loop
  • Includes a photo or a graphic
  • Slide designated as a silver level message

Bronze $118

  • The message appears one time during a cycle of the slideshow loop
  • Words only
  • Slide designated as a bronze level message



Deadline for submission is December 28, 2018. To submit a message, please click HERE.   

Please contact Tricia Ginis, Executive Director executivedirector@ecerj.org for assistance.