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Join as a Lay Leader, Clergy, NAB Member, ECE-RJ Supporter, Reciprocal from another URJ Affiliate/Professional Organization or as a Family Engagement Specialist/Program Professional.

As an ECE-RJ member, you will learn, share, and collaborate with others who have the same responsibilities, passion, and aspirations as you.  


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Position Annual Dues 2024-2025  
2024-2025 Associate Membership (Lay Leaders, Clergy, NAB Member, ECE-RJ Supporter or Reciprocal from another URJ affiliate/professional organization) $180   Join    Renew

2024-2025 Family Engagement Specialist/Program Professional

$180   Join Renew





Do you have questions about membership, or want to know more before you join? Reach out to our team for help.

Tricia Ginis
Executive Director, ECE-RJ 



It is our policy that financial capacity will not be a barrier to membership. Specific payment arrangements may be granted to members if the dues cause undue strain on the school/congregation/institution. Please contact for more information.


Membership Brochure

ECE-RJ 2024-2025 Dues Structure